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Are you looking for a way to support your creative habit? It's time to start making money from your artwork! You can make money by selling your art in the online Honey Hive Gallery shop. Your work will be beautifully presented and, you will receive free marketing and exposure. Now you can get paid to sell art online so you can focus on the important thing, creating.

Sell Art Online

How do I Sell Art Online?

When you start to sell art online you'll have to negotiate and sign a contract between you, the artist, and the gallery. You will be in close contact with us to negotiate a price that will sustain your work and still cover the costs to list your products in the online shop. You will also have a strong say in determining shipping and handling prices.

To keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 crisis, it is up to the artist to fulfil shipments. You will receive a portion of the purchase earnings to cover shipping costs within 3 days of the purchase and the rest of the earnings less fees 7 days after the shipment date. When you sell art online you will be expected to ship the work within 10 days of purchase.

In order to sell art online you will also need to provide high resolutions pictures [three for each piece of art] which can usually be taken with a modern smartphone. You will also be required to submit a description of each work. The shop is open to creators of all kinds weather you're making fine hand-painted 2-dimensional works of art or modern fun and funky stickers for people to put on their laptops and skateboards.

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To sell art online in the online Honey Hive Gallery shop, just fill out this form. We will be in touch very shortly; we're excited to work with you and get your listing online!

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