Free Music Promotion Site

The Honey Hive Gallery has been home to so many talented Bay Area artists and strives to be a home for arts and music even during it's COVID-19 closure. That's why we're introducing the new and free music promotion site that people can access safely from their homes. Now you can upload your music and share it with the world, create a profile, and accept donations all for free!

Free Music Promotion Site

How do use the Free Music Promotion Site?

You don't need an account to access all the wonderful music listed. However if you wish to access the free music promotion site as an artist, you'll need to register an account here. Join the community and make an account to start uploading your work and accepting donations. It just takes a few minutes to get your profile started for free.

Who can use the Site?

The silver lining to all this is that now, after catering so many local San Francisco Bay Area artists, the Honey Hive Gallery can host artists from all over the world right here on the free music promotion site. Weather you live in Amsterdam, Canada, or Mars you can join! You can upload vocals, DJ sets, songs, and podcasts. This is a place for everyone to share their creativity with the rest of the world.

Join now for FREE! or, just have a listen.

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